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Giorgio Nava, of 95 Keerom found the sweetness in the Stellekaya Merlot 03 matched the parmesan in the beef carpaccio well, while the tannins paired with the bitter peppery rocket. Winemaker Ntsiki Biyela concurred: “The Merlot’s red berry qualities work with the raw fillet.”

Journalists Bianca Coleman discovered a creaminess in the mouth while Terri Dunbar-Curran remarked that she’d not naturally select a red wine to accompany a starter, but found it smooth tasting and delicious.

The butternut and ricotta ravioli with brown butter and sage paired with Stellekaya’s Hercules 05. Giorgio found beautiful freshness and earthiness in the red fruits and added it was very light for a Tuscan style wine.  Annareth Jacobs of the Stellenbosch Wine Route noted the brown butter’s slightly heavy smell which surprised as the dish was perfectly light: “Hercules is a big, robust wine yet it complements the refined dish beautifully.”

Stellekaya Shiraz 05 accompanied a duo of game: kudu cooked with tomato and black olives and springbok cooked with bay leaf and tomato. Ntsiki said her Shiraz had softer tannins and was more silky than most local Shiraz. Giorgio paired the sweetness in the carrots with the fruitiness in the wine.

If 95 Keerom had a signature dish it would be chocolate soufflé.  “Orion is our signature blend”, says Ntsiki, “we only select 10 barrels for our Bordeaux blend.” Giorgio liked the light spice and gentle tannins which matched the chocolate well. Listen out for the oohs and ahhs.

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