A visit to America
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Ntsiki goes to America!

Stellekaya wines are making their mark around the world. It's been a busy year so far for Ntsiki, and now in the middle of harvest it's easy to forget all the other exciting things that have happened so far this year.

Ntski was invited to visit North America, including stops in both the USA and Canada.

Her trip started in Dallas, where Ntsiki was hosted by David Gilbert,an extraordinary chef with a love for wine. Together they hosted an "underground dinner" and paired Stellekaya's best with good South African home cooking, including biltong, bobotie and boerewors!

From Dallas, our winemaker's next stop was Cincinatti and then she went on for a braai in New YOrk

A braai in New York? Indeed! Ntsiki and Sean Peris hosted an evening of Stellekaya wine and traditional South African food at Braai in New York City.

From New York our winemaker flew to Canada, and was greeted with lots of snow! Having left South Africa in the middle of summer, this was quite a change! Wrapped up with a coat, hat, scarf and gloves, Ntsiki explored the snow covered city of Quebec with her hostess, Dawn. Ntsiki learnt how to prepare prawns and in turn told the story of her wine.

Ntiski will soon be back in North America, and will represent Stellekaya at the Great South African Wine Show in New York wine in May.



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